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envenue les enfa

Joëlle Llapasset   | Copyright

A Green Frog 


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"What are you doing here?" Lionel couldn't believe his eyes. This morning, when he opened the curtains, he he'd heard a funny sound, so he had gone outside and what had he found? A lovely green frog, sitting in the grass.

The terracee is ever so small; Daddy built it, up there on the sixth floor. It has a rose tree, two potted geraniums, a lemon tree and a tiny pool in the middle of a teenny lawn.
 Everybody loves it, and it has a lot of visitors: insects, flies, mosquitoes, a few bees buzzing about, lizards that climb up the chimney as fast as they can ...
But who could have imagined that a frog... It's the very first time it's happened to Lionel ! 

How had he managed to get up there? On the way to school, Lionel wonders about the frog. should he tell his friends? He can't decide.


Earlier, when he had tried to get close to the frog... Lionel had noticed that it was very shy; it leapt away and started to shake so much that Lionel could see its throat puffing in and out.
Lionel likes his teacher, Mr. Bumblebee, and he usually pays attention to his lessons, but today he just can't concentrate. The only thing he can think about is his new friend. What is he doing now? Is he hungry?
Lionel puts his hand up.  "Please, Mr Bumblebee..."
Mr. Bumblebee has just finished explaining how to do sums and, thinking that his pupil has finished the exercice and has the answer, he gives him a big smile. 

"Yes Lionel?" 

veranime.gif (3509 octets)

"Mr Bumblebee, what do frogs eat?"
The other children look up. Everybody is interested in frogs. Mr Bumblebee is so surprised that he doesn't even tell Lionel off. Besides, frogs are an important subject. He asks the whole class:
"what do you think?"
They all come up with ideas: seeds, bread, bits of cheese, flies, worms, sugar, chocolate... Mr. Bumblebee bursts out laughing:

"Just try goldfish food. Although it would be better if he found his own food".

anipapl.gif (1765 octets)All the children At the end of the maths lesson, the teacher tells them a story. Today, it is the story of a tortoise who desperately wants to see the world. Two ducks take care of the matter and fly the turtle around with a stick held in their beaks. would like to travel far like the turtle. So would Lionel, and suddenly he understands what has happened. His frog was travelling with some friends too and when he saw Lionel's terrace, he asked his friends to put him down.

grenouille verte! Every day, Lionel tries to make friends with his frog. He has bought it some fishfood but as soon as the frog sees Lionel, it leaps off out of reach. Lionel heaves a heavy sigh and goes away. But the frog does'nt touch its food and his green and its shiny green skin is getting grey and dull. What should Lionel do?

On Sunday, Lionel and his parents spend the day by Salagou lake. It's where they have decided to let the frog go. It's gone ... No, it hasn't ! Ther it is, on the other side of the lake. And, as if to sing a farewell song, or to thank them, it starts to croak its song!

"crk, crk, crk"

Page Joëlle Llapasset .     
Translation Amanda Galbe PE1 IUFM de Versailles, France.
Toutes les pages de philagora sont © Tous droits réservés.

Toutes les pages de philagora sont © Tous droits réservés.


° Rubrique contes pour enfants :