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° Rubrique contes pour enfants :

envenue les enfa

Joëlle Llapasset   | Copyright

Joseph’s Christmas

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 It’s the stars gale, Joseph thinks, Joseph the righteous man. Perhaps there never were so many stars and it never was so windy and he has never felt so cold in his heart now the folk have gone and the Virgin fell asleep and the baby smiles at the ox which is breathing gently on the tip of his nose.
Yes, the honest Joseph began feeling doubtful.
 He does not distrust Mary, he has never mistrusted her since the Dream that had made his hazel stick blossom again. Of course he grumbles about the tradition requiring that after the wedding celebration the young bride lives one year more with her parents, very likely to give the bridegroom enough time to get ready for her arrival... one year ! So many things might happen ... but when you are a righteous person how not to observe tradition ?

Many things un an! had happened in one year !

And then, the "Dream" occured, the "Dream" which had nothing of an hallucination, being absolutly sure that he married what had became by the breath of the Paraclete, a pregnant Virgin. All that was unquestionnably for Joseph but when he looks at the baby, he thinks that this will perhaps make one "Saint Innocent" more. At the best he will have to lie low all his lifetime.
What will he be able to do against those people who, in his name will kill one another, persecute, burn !

  Suddenly Joseph the righteous man, Joseph the virtuous one, Joseph the nobleman, begins shivering and, for a little, he, who has never given way in spite of mocking smiles as he goes by, he would turn away. But Joseph has the sense of duty, once more he grasp at his shepherd’s crook and he looks at the sky through the opening of the humble all enlightened abode. All at once, he comes to himself, he musters up his strengh because a crackling can be heard though the wind was howling.
Now Joseph is all eyes and he holds his breath. vent malin An old shabbily dressed stooping woman, who is but the wreck of her former self, walks up, staggering, so that Joseph, the open-hearted man, offers her a help with his shepherd’s crook. She accepts his help, smiles on the Virgin, smiles at the child, smiles at Joseph. The Virgin wakes up to smile at the old woman and to tell her mildly: "Teresa, my child, why this Dream?"Then, she goes to sleep again because the dream is not meant for her.

songe...songe...songe...songe...songe...  Joseph does not understand why did Mary called this old woman, who could be her grand-mother, "my child"?
But Joseph confidently, following the example given by Mary repeated the same words: "Teresa, my child, why this dream?"
. Very well, the Mother of the Poor answered, pointing at the modest craddle: I am somewhat of a child of this child, I came to say this to you that you may no longer doubt. Listen:


Teresa de Calcutta

"Tout de même" -Teresa-

"People are senseless, illogical and self-centered,
- and yet, love them !
If you do good, people will credit you with selfish or calculating intentions,
- and yet do it !
If you are successful in everything you’ll gain untrue friends and true enemies,
- and yet go on making good !
Honesty and sincerity will make you vulnerable,
- and yet be honest and loyal !"

And the tiny old woman straightened up before the eyes of a bewildered Joseph who hears : "I belong to the posterity of your child."

Joseph’s head is ready to burst! But the child welcomes Mother Teresa with a smile and the old poor woman returns to Joseph a crook which makes his eyes sparkling with hope. From now on, children eyes will be glittering on Christmas night.    

Translation M-T Lamaty. - > En français Le Noël de Joseph


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